Action to prevent drought

  • Water
  • Aerate
  • Feed
  • Wetting Agent

With all the talk of a hot dry summer ahead we need to act to prevent the effects of drought on our lawns.

From May onwards , if conditions are dry, consider watering your lawn once a week with a sprinkler, leaving it on long enough to saturate the soil.

Aerate or spike your lawn so that when water is applied it can run down into the soil and not sit on the top.

Apply a balanced feed to the soil to encourage a grass plant with strong roots.

Make sure the grass is not cut too short, at least 1″ long.

Apply a special wetting agent which will allow water into the soil profile and down to the root.  Wetting agents are used by lawncare companies to overcome dry patches caused by a build up of water repellent deposits in the soil. These deposits coat the soil particles and cause them to harden,  making them repellent to water.  Wetting agents allows water to soak into the grass, down to its roots, and not just sit on the top.


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