Autumn lawn renovation

As we enter August, we begin to explore the various lawn treatments methods that are most successful during this time and in the coming months. If your lawn requires a full renovation, then it is advised to have it completed during the period of late August to October due to the weather we find ourselves experiencing.

Lawn renovation has become even more popular, and with the UKLCA members achieving some great results for their clients it is easy to see why. So, in our August focus we look at what lawn renovation is and the reasons why it may be useful.

What Is Lawn Renovation?

Lawn renovation is the process of utilising various lawn care methods to increase the health and appearance of your lawn. Most lawns over some time may deteriorate due to a range of factors, and may require a renovation to be carried out to help your lawn back to full health.

Most lawn renovation processes will include the use of treatments such as scarification, aeration, over seeding and top dressing. Using a combination of these methods can dramatically help to improve your lawn over a specific period.

When Could Lawn Renovation Be Useful?

Lawn Renovation is not just a great way in which to get your lawn back to its former glory, but is also a very cost effective process when compared to re-turfing. Over time, without any lawn care, lawns may deteriorate in health which can limit the effectiveness of other conventional lawn care methods. This is where lawn renovation comes in.

The process of lawn renovation is relatively straightforward, and when completed by an expert can transform your lawn’s health and appearance.

3 Reasons For The Use Of Lawn Renovation

There are several reasons why your lawn may need renovating. These reasons will vary from lawn to lawn, and this is why seeking the advice of a professional is a must. Your lawn care professional will be able to build a tailored plan to ensure you get the results you desire.

With this being said, some of key reasons for lawn renovation include:-

Excessive Thatch Layer

An excessive thatch layer can stop your lawn from taking in key nutrients, as well as any extra grass seed you may have used. Scarification will be the way to remove this, and will be a good tool to use before your new seed is laid as part of your lawn renovation.

Lawn Is Prone To Diseases

Lawns that are prone to diseases may be less likely to respond to general lawn care. By conducting a full lawn renovation it can be easier to limit diseases, and also ensure that any treatments that are used have their fullest effect.

Increase Overall Health & Appearance

One of the main reasons most will have lawn renovation carried out is due to overall health and appearance. Appearance is a key focus for many, and lawn renovation can ensure that it returns to its lushest and green look.

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The members of the UKLCA are experienced and dedicated professionals who can provide their expertise on a variety of lawn care treatment methods to ensure your lawn is at its best and healthiest all year round.

Scarifying Lawn in July 18

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