Frosty lawns in Winter

Deer on frosty grass

As the 2020/2021 winter season approaches the temperature is dropping and in recent weeks, most of the UK has experienced quite unsettled weather. Many regions have experienced heavy rainfall and as the clouds part, the temperature falls sharply – especially at night. If you’re waking up to a frost-covered lawn this winter, you’ll need to […]

Keeping your lawn green this summer

Water sprinkler against a green lawn

This past week has seen the highest temperatures so far in 2020. Combined with an exceptionally dry spring for almost every region of the UK, lawns throughout the United Kingdom have been turning brown, leaving many homeowners wondering ‘how do I get my grass to look green again?’.  One of the easiest and most important […]

Wondering what’s wrong with your lawn?

Dog Uring Damage to Lawn

Have no fear, the UKLCA members are here. Take a look at our new handy visual guide “Does your lawn look this?” to see if you have a similar problem with your lawn. Click here to see the guide!

Autumn Leaves

No not leaves on line, that great rail operators curse, leaves on lawn that great gardeners curse! Mowing becomes a huge challenge and the mere presence of autumn leaves reduces grass growth opportunity and encourages moss and disease.  So do try and keep them away; rake or a combination of blowing and raking should do […]

Autumn Lawn Pests

Our Members’ are reporting a large increase in lawn pests in their customer’s lawns; typically chafer grubs and leather-jackets and if you have them in your lawn then that’s really bad luck and we are presented with a problem. Since EU pesticide legislation withdrew the tested and proven insecticide treatments we are left with only […]

September/October Lawn Care Tips

LAWN CARE IN LATE SUMMER TO AUTUMN Scarification: is another word for renovation and activity should begin now so the lawn will recover enough to enjoy before winter sets in.  Thatch and compaction will not allow your lawn to breathe so eliminate them now. Over seeding: Remove the thatch, the dead and the weak grass, […]


Not wishing to state the obvious……but your lawn will only look at it’s best if you give it some help by way of H2O!  Yes, wait till dusk comes and dowse areas thoroughly for as long as you can.  It does impact the water bill true, but it complements what you invest in the lawn by way […]

Weather Blog – Predicts !

Are you interested in predicting the weather?  Mark Hunt of agronomic supplier Headland Amenity keeps a sharp eye on the jetstream and predicts weather up to but no further than 10 days in advance; Mark believes that any predictions beyond 10 days is speculation! Click here to take  a look at Mark’s weather blog.

Moss, glorious Moss!

About Moss There are over 12,000 species of moss and algae, of which over 50 species are found to affect grass. Mosses are primitive non-flowering plants that have no root structure and rely on a sufficient moisture environment being present for reproduction and survival. The majority of them are tolerant of acidic conditions and are […]

November Lawn Care Tips

Aeration Soil compaction is a frequent cause of turf deterioration and moss invasion.  For optimal effectiveness the lawn needs aerating in autumn/winter.  Fallen Leaves Leaves should be cleared away as they fall.  If left for more than a few days, then grass may become damaged. Compost the leaves and then use on borders etc. Worm […]

Autumn Lawn Care Tips

OCTOBER LAWN CARE Following the summer, which has been a dry one, lawns need a feed with a fertiliser high in Phosphate and Potassium with additional Iron for that dark green look.  Soil compaction is a frequent cause of turf deterioration and moss invasion so we recommend aerating in Autumn/Winter; over sow with seed to […]