Chafer Grub and Leather-Jacket Control





Dear Lawnowner, if you have been unfortunate enough to be blighted with an attack of the dreaded chafer grub, or even leather-jackets then you will know from the advice given by your local lawn care specialist that there is no chemical solution as all such products have been banned!  Nematoids under strict treatment supervision can help however, so by all means take advice on that.  There was recently a bit of excitement when the industry heard that Acelepryn, a chemical grub antedote, is to be licensed however the UK Lawn Care Association has talked with Dr Ruth Mann of the STRI who confirms that this is not legal for use on domestic lawns.  So the fight goes on. If you do have wild animal activity on your lawns (badgers, multiple birds pecking) and you can physically peel back turf then you could have the grub so do contact your local specialist using the directory on this site.

Chafer Grubs

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