Does your lawn look like this?

Use our visual lawn guide to identify problems in your lawn.

Our lawns are always growing and changing, and sometimes we can spot some changes that might not be for the better!

Here we have compiled a handy guide showing some of the most common lawn issues we encounter throughout the UK. If you have spotted similar sights in your garden, your local independent lawn care provider can help. 

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Fusarium Patch

Fusarium patch is a disease also called pink snow mold or Microdochium patch.
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drought lawn

Parched Earth

Your lawn appears to be damaged from severe dry conditions
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Ants in Lawn

Ants in lawn

Uh ok, the tiny critters have invaded and are most likely weakening the soil system in your lawn.
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Got a different issue with your lawn?

Don’t worry, ask us, and we’ll let you know. You can also choose to have a local independent lawn care professsional in your area, get in touch!


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