Japanese Knotweed – Know the Law

Japanese Knotweed can cost you £2,500!

The Times carried a story this week warning homeowners to clean up their act when it comes to Japanese Knotweed! This invasive plant can cause serious damage even to concrete infrastructures including foundations, brick work, roads, forestry, agriculture and river banks and the Home Office state the maximum fine is upward of £2,500 if it’s found in your garden. japaneseknotweed2

It can be eradicated but the longer it’s left to flourish (it can grow 12 inches a day) the more treatment costs; eradication on the site of the London Olympics cost £70mn and annual costs in Britain amount to an estimated £1.25bn a year.

If you suspect you see Japanese Knotweed anywhere then please contact your local Independent Lawn Care Company for professional advice, or read this article from the government which explains the full fine system.

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