Watering Your Lawn Advice

Up and Over Sprinkler

There are a few basics beyond the control of your lawn care provider that any plant requires. These are light, air, warmth and water. This is no different for the grass plant. Given the lawn is the centrepiece of many UK gardens, the key maintenance practice of watering would be a little foolish to ignore. […]

Worm Casts

Worm casts in lawn

Earthworms, and their casts, are a problem in some lawns particularly those mowed short or on turf surfaces used for sport. They can cause an unsightly mess on ​the surface as well as bringing up weed seeds from below the soil to cause decline in the quality of the lawn. Many products historically used to […]

Lawn Top Dressing

Lawn during top dressing

Top dressing is applied to a lawn if it is poor condition, usually following mechanical works such as scarifying or aeration.  The dressing will level out minor imperfections in the lawn surface whilst creating an environment where new seed can successfully germinate.  This process is usually carried out during the spring or autumn. What is […]

How to carry out Weed Control in Lawns

Many of us want our lawns to be weed free and contain only the cultivated grass types that we would associate with a well-managed lawn which looks pleasing to the eye. In terms of keeping weeds under control, there are a variety of things that can be done by the home owner before the application […]

Lawn turfing

Reasons for turfing If you need a new lawn quickly or the levels on your existing lawn are poor, you may want to consider turfing rather than renovation or re-seeding. Hard to treat weeds, poor soil or pest infestation might also persuade you to travel down the turfing route. Killing off or removing your existing […]

Lawn Aeration Advice

Hollow-Tine Aeration ‘Hollow-tining’ (or core aeration) is the most widely recognised form of aeration on lawns. The tine (or spike) is just that – hollow. At the same time as spiking the ground, this machine removes small soil cores and leaves a succession of hollow puncture holes in the soil. Dependent on the maths, this […]


How and when to Scarify your lawn When growth and weather conditions allow, your lawn should be scarified to remove thatch and the matted and horizontal growth that has accumulated over time. This activity should engage the soil; grass is resilient and will soon grow back with a flourish. Autumn is usually considered to be […]

Leaves on Lawns

Leaves can be a healthy addition to our garden is used correctly as leaf mulch, but leaving a covering of leaves on your lawn, for even a short period of time will of damage. If left on the lawn a blanket of decaying leaves will bring unsightly damage and spread to wider lawn areas increasing maintenance time and […]

Lawns with Shade

How does shade negatively affect turf? The fact of the matter is, lawns do not grow well in shade.  Grass requires light and moisture to survive and those areas in your garden such as under trees, next to fence’s and north facing gardens are never the perfect environment for a lawn. As the light levels […]

Frost on Lawns

Winter is a time when much of nature goes dormant, effectively hibernating to store any energy it has left. Grass is no different, so If your lawn becomes frosted, keep off it until the frost melts. The frost itself does not harm lawns, but if you walk on it you will see the foot print […]

Chafer Grub Traps

Chafer Grubs (the larvae of the Chafer Beetle) are a menace and can do severe damage to your lawn. If you are unfortunate and have your lawn infested with chafer grubs, it’s now a real challenge to control them since EU regulations have banned previously available professional-only solutions. Whilst that can be seen as a […]

FUSARIUM Patch – Microdochium Nivale

Fusarium is a fairly common turf grass disease that is caused by the fungus Microdochium Nivale; whilst not uncommon on a domestic lawn usually found on most golf courses or fine lawns at some point every year. To the untrained eye, fusarium could be mistaken for a pet urine scorch or even a spillage of some […]