Mowing your lawn

With the weather finally turning after a long period of snow and frozen lawns we will soon see soil temperatures starting to rise and the grass starting to grow.  The following mowing regime provides a guide to mowing your lawn throughout the year but if you don’t have the time to mow as frequently as suggested it is important that when you do mow you get the blade height correct.  Do not cut too low! 


In early spring if the weather is mild enough the grass should be cut at a height of 25mm, this cutting level should be gradually lowered to 19mm as soon as the grass growth strengthens.


It is good practice to swish or brush the lawn daily removing dew and worm casts. Brushing prior to cutting will make the grass leaf stand up producing a cleaner cut.


The mowing frequency should be increased to three times a week, depending on the weather conditions. I recommend cutting at 19mm on all areas of lawns, even the formal areas.

It is good practice to have trial areas of lawn, cutting at different heights to find the one that suits best. As mentioned before, from personal experience the lower the cut the more problems you will have.

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