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November Lawn Care Tips

Posted 14th Oct 2013 14:18pm by Simon Johnson

October’s rainbow


Soil compaction is a frequent cause of turf deterioration and moss invasion.  For optimal effectiveness the lawn needs aerating in autumn/winter.

 Fallen Leaves

Leaves should be cleared away as they fall.  If left for more than a few days, then grass may become damaged. Compost the leaves and then use on borders etc.

Worm Casts

This month will probably see the appearance of worm casts (small mounds of earth brought to the surface by worms). Treatments can be applied to stop the casts occurring in the first place.


With damp dewy days ahead diseases such as fusarium can kill patches in your lawn.  If you see white mould or dead patches please call us for an accurate diagnosis as it may need treating with a fungicide.  Look out for white mould on lawn, it could be fusarium.


Moss will start to encroach now and it is advisable to treat now before it competes with the lawn.  ProLawnCare use a special liquid which works immediately.

 Actions required in November

  •  Aerate lawn if conditions allow
  • Rake or blow away fallen leaves
  • Brush off worm casts (or treat the cause of the problem)
  • If lawn needs cutting do as required on higher setting
  • Look out  for disease
  • Plan moss control

 The lawn owner can carry out some of the above tasks, other tasks

may need some professional intervention; for more information

and lawn care advice

Call us on 01480 812398