Our Presidents Winter Tips

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter is the dormant time for grass, which means if you damage it, it won’t recover until Spring, so please keep off as much as you can during the winter months.


Mow the lawn as required on a dry day on a high setting just to tidy it up and mow up any debris from trees etc.. Growth will slow down as day length decreases and the soil temperature falls. Keep height at 3 cm or above (1 ¼ – 2″)


Soil compaction (lack of air in the soil) is a frequent cause of turf deterioration and moss invasion. For optimal effectiveness the lawn needs aerating in autumn / winter to help keep air in the soil for the roots and microbes in the soil to breathe.It will also aid drainage of water away from the surface, which will help deter moss.

Keep off the grass

During periods of frost please, don’t walk on the lawn as the leaves can be bruised, leaving black foot prints on the lawn.


Moss can thrive during the winter months and then choke out the lawn by the time spring comes.  Treat moss in November/December with a liquid iron or iron sulphate mixture to prevent this happening.

Some of the above tasks can be carried out by the lawn owner, but an independent lawn care company could undertake the tasks for you.  Visit www.uklawncare.net and see if we have a company near you ?

Richard Salmon (MBPR)

Honorary President of UK Lawn Care Association

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