Over Seeding

As we approach the end of the summer, more and more lawn care techniques come into play. The change in weather means that dry lawns are no longer an everyday occurrence, however, it is key to note timing is everything due to colder months that we are also soon to encounter. With this time of year upon us, lawn overseeding is a technique that you may want to take advantage of.

With this in mind, the UKLCA takes a look at our latest article on how and when to overseed your lawn, as well as the associated benefits.

What Is Lawn Overseeding?

Lawn overseeding is the process of sowing new seeds into an existing lawn. The use of lawn overseeding is very popular amongst lawn care professionals, but also avid gardeners due to the benefits it can have.

Even though the process of lawn overseeding is very straightforward, the real challenge occurs when choosing what seed is correct for your lawn. This is where the assistance of an experienced lawn care professional will come in.

What Benefits Does It Have?

As with all lawn care solutions, understanding the benefits they may have on your lawn will help you to decide if it is right for you. With overseeding, there are several reasons why it should be considered and also utilised.

The main benefits however include the following:

Reduces Risks Of Pests & Diseases

A healthy lawn is the best solution for preventing and combating lawn pests and diseases. Therefore ensuring your lawn’s health is a must. Lawn seed does also present an opportunity to look closely at what pests you have a history of issues with. From here you can then choose specific seeds which may be more of a deterrent rather than an attraction.

Creates A Vibrant Look To Your Lawn

Over time, lawns may become patchy and also worn due to various reasons which could include weather conditions or a lack of care. Overseeding, therefore, is a great way in which to repair these patches and ensure that your lawn is looking great all year round.

Reduces Need for Chemicals

With such a focus on the reduction of chemicals, overseeding is a great way in which to limit subsequent usage. The only time it is advised to use such chemicals is once the seeds have germinated, and it is used as an agent to support the growth of the seeds further.

When Is The Best Time To Overseed Your Lawn?

The best time of year to overseed your lawn is most definitely late August into September or in the spring. Avoiding the hotter months of the year, or the colder months is key as the lawn seeds need time in which to germinate. Which will help to be a stimulus of growth for your lawn moving forward.

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