Lawncare in the East of England

East of England

Key Soil Characteristics

slightly acidic, clay, sandy and peat

Counties in this region

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk

About this region

East Anglia and the East of England is lucky to enjoy a mild climate and is one of the driest regions in the UK, with many areas receiving less than 700mm of rainfall each year. 

Soils in East Anglia tend to be slightly acidic and clay is common, especially in and around Suffolk. Norfolk tends to have more sandy soil than Suffolk, with more clay and peat found in the central area of the region. 

East Anglia is brimming with public gardens that are well worth a visit. Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens, Pensthorpe Natural Park in Fakenham, and Holkham Walled Garden are all great days out. Of course, there is also the extensive gardens at Sandringham House in King’s Lynn, Her Majesty The Queen’s private home which has around 60 acres of gorgeous, well-manicured gardens. 

East Anglia has a diverse range of flora present in the region, including Snake’s Head Fritillary which thrives in wet areas, Golden Shield Ferns, Foxgloves, Wild Daffodils, Common Mallows, and many more. 

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