Lawncare in London


Key Soil Characteristics

chalk, clay and slightly alkaline

Counties in this region

City of London, Greater London

About this region

London has a temperate oceanic climate with cool winters, warm summers and a notable amount of rainfall all year round. Soil in London is usually chalk or clay based and is usually slightly alkaline, something which gardeners should note and treat accordingly. 

There are not many plants that are native to London due to its city status, however, the gorgeous and vibrant Rosebay Willowherb is. It is a perennial herbaceous flowering plant and has a vibrant pink-purple coloured flower with spirally arranged green leaves and can grow to around 8 feet high making it a fantastic feature. 

London National Park City is a movement designed to encourage those living in London to plant native flowers to ensure there is enough for pollinators to keep London as green and natural as possible. 

Whilst London is a thriving metropolis, there are still many public gardens worth visiting to escape the buzz of the city. Great days out can be had at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, Buckingham Palace Gardens (only open in summer), Kensington Palace Gardens, Hampton Court Palace Gardens and several others. 

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