Lawncare in the North East of England

North East

Key Soil Characteristics

loamy, clay

Counties in this region

County Durham, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear

About this region

The North East of England enjoys a mild climate year round, rather than hot summers and extremely cold winters. This is because the climate is influenced by the North Sea and it allows it to be temperate, rather than vastly changing. 

In this region, there is an abundance of loamy, clay soil, however all variations of soil can be found somewhere throughout the region, so it is best to test your garden first before planting. 

The North East of England has many native plants that thrive in this climate. You may be able to spot the large white flowers of Wild Anemone, Yellow Merry-bells, several different types of Jacobs’s ladder, Woodland Iris and Culver’s Root that is perfect in garden borders. 

The North West of England is home to some incredible public gardens that are available to visit most or all of the year. One favourite is Alnwick Garden with its stunning cherry orchard that comes into blossom in spring and makes for a magnificent sight. Others include the gardens at Chillingham Castle with the longest herbaceous border in the north, Birkhead’s Secret Garden and Sunderland Museum and Winter Garden. 

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