Lawncare in the North West of England

North West

Key Soil Characteristics

clay, sandy, silt, loamy

Counties in this region

Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside

About this region

The climate in the North West of England is generally wet as it is hit by maritime winds coming in from the west, and cool in winter and warm in summer. Throughout the region there can be a massive variation in weather on any given day as the differing topography has a huge influence on this. 

Throughout the region of North West England there can be found clay soils, sandy soils, silt soils, loams and several other different soil types. This means it’s especially important that gardeners check their soil type thoroughly before deciding on how to treat it and what to plant there. 

There is a large number of public gardens that can be visited throughout the year in the North West of England. Speke Hall in Liverpool features beautiful autumnal colours, Lyme Garden in Cheshire features an Italian Garden that is memorable and Fletcher Moss Park and Botanic Gardens has a wide range of different and exotic plants for research and conservation purposes. 


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