Lawncare in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Key Soil Characteristics

Silt-based soils

Counties in this region

Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, Tyrone

About this region

Northern Ireland has a temperate climate, can be prone to a lot of rain and regularly experiences high winds. All of these factors affect gardens in the country and what can grow and thrive there. 

There are nine different soil groups found in Northern Ireland, many of which are silt-based. If you have soil in your garden that is either light or heavily acidic or alkaline, extra care needs to be taken over the choice of plants. 

When it comes to native and common plants in Northern Ireland there are many. This includes many types of wild mushrooms, rhododendrons, bog cotton flowers, and bright yellow Globeflowers that bloom between May and June. Almost half of Europe’s mosses can be found in Ireland too. 

Common garden pests found in Northern Ireland are greenfly, blackfly, aphids, and slugs. All of these can eat plants and affect the look of your garden. 

Northern Ireland has an abundance of beautiful public gardens. One of the most notable is Mount Stewart in County Down with its Sunken Garden, Spanish Garden, Formal Garden and Italian Garden. Mount Stewart has been voted in the top ten gardens in the world and is a must visit for those nearby or for visitors to the area. Other beautiful gardens can be found at Castle Ward in County Down, The Argory in County Armagh and at Florence Court in County Fermanagh. 

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