Lawncare in the South East of England

South East

Key Soil Characteristics

Loamy & Clayey with a general strip of lime over chalk or limestone

Counties in this region

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex

About this region

The South East of England is one of the least exposed regions of the UK to polar air masses and at times finds tropical air masses coming up from the south bringing warm dry air in summer. This region also sees mild winters and light levels of rain all year round, with very little falling in summer. This can mean gardens become very dry in summer, something which all gardeners must be aware of. 

The majority of soil found in the South East is loamy and clayey with a generally acidic tendency. Coastal flat areas in the region also have loamy and clayey soil with higher levels of groundwater. 

Plants that are native to the South East of England include Stinking Iris, Ferns and many wetland plants such as True Fox Sedge and Black Poplar. Due to its mild and dry climate, many different types of plants flourish in the South East that wouldn’t survive elsewhere in the UK. 

There are dozens of beautiful public gardens available to visit in this region such as 705 acres of parkland at Petworth House and Park, Woolbeding Gardens in Midhurst, Hampton Court Gardens and Arts and Crafts style garden at Great Fosters in Egham. 

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