Lawncare in Yorkshire and the Humber

Yorkshire and The Humber

Key Soil Characteristics

calcareous fine, silty soils

Counties in this region

East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull, North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

About this region

Yorkshire and The Humber is a region known for having cooler summers than their southern counterparts and also benefits from having mild winters compared with the areas to the north. This means it is a great region for growing a wide variety of different plants, fruits, vegetables and trees. 

Surrounding the Humber, the soil is dominated by calcareous fine, silty soils and throughout the rest of the region there is a mixture of all the major soil types to be found. Gardeners must be careful what soil they have in their garden and ensure to treat it accordingly and use plants that will enjoy that particular type of soil. 

There are many varieties of wild flower that are abundant in Yorkshire and grow extremely well in gardens too. These include Wolds Poppies and several types of orchid. Within the Yorkshire Dales National Park there are more than 70 different plant species, including the lesser spotted and extremely beautiful Butterfly Orchid. 

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