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About this county

Berkshire is a county in South East England and is home to the famous Windsor Castle. The county town is Reading, a historic market town situated on the Great Western Main Line railway. The River Thames formed the historic northern boundary and remains the only valley in the county. 

The land North-east Berkshire and north of the Bagshot Formation has a mixture of clayey, gravelly, and slightly acidic soil, making it quite infertile. Agriculture within the county is therefore largely restricted to West Berkshire – the chalk downs support cereal crops. Newbury and Lambourne are known for rearing racehorses.

The climate in Berkshire is typically mild, with the winter months seeing on average 10 days of rainfall each month. Due to the acidic nature of the soil, woodlands in the area see species of pine and silver birch. Gardens with acidic soil can support plant species such as magnolia, trillium, and heather. 

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