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One of the Home Counties of Greater London, Buckinghamshire is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as it encompasses part of the Chiltern Hills. The Thames forms part of the southwestern boundary. And whilst Buckingham Palace is not situated in Buckinghamshire, the neighbouring town which is – Buckingham – is responsible for the current name of the building, as it was prior owned by the Duke of Buckingham and named Buckingham House at the time (circa 1703). 

The area has been a popular place for quarrying over the years, for resources such as clay, chalk, gravel, and sand. Several former quarries are now flooded and have become nature reserves. There is much prehistoric geology to be found across Buckinghamshire, with the oldest rocks and fossils at the surface dating to 190 million years old. Due to its collection of sediment and fossils, the land is therefore very fertile. Combined with a temperate climate of average highs at 14°C and lows at 7 °C, many gardeners in Buckinghamshire can enjoy homegrown fruit and veg, a range of flora, and luscious lawns in their gardens. 

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