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East Lothian is a historic county which lies in the eastern central lowlands of Scotland. It is a predominantly rural region, with 40 miles of coastline, including the Firth of Forth which is a large estuary where several Scottish rivers meet. The current geology of the region was formed due to prehistoric volcanic activity, erosions from rivers, glaciers, and the sea. North Berwick’s two famous geological formations, the Bass Rock and Berwick Law, are the remains of old volcanoes. The local sandstone has been quarried over the years, and extracted for use in many historic buildings, which gives the region a distinct character. In the west of East Lothian, coal has been extracted since the 13th century. 88% of East Lothian is farmland, with agriculture supporting the local economy.

The climate in East Lothian is mild, as the region tends to receive the most sun and the least rain compared to the rest of Scotland, being dry for 128 days a year with an average humidity of 86%. The highest average temperature in East Lothian is 16°C in July, and the lowest is 6°C in January. June to September offer the mildest temperatures and are therefore the best time for propagation for East Lothian Gardens. 

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