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The County of Kinross is a historic county in eastern Scotland and is the second-smallest county in Scotland. Kinross, a village of the same name, is the county town. The county is dominated by the large inland loch, Loch Leven, with several islands which form a nature reserve of international significance. One of the islands is the site of Loch Leven Castle, where Mary Queen of Scots was held in 1567. The Loch is surrounded by agriculture and rolling farmland, and beyond lies more rugged terrain. 

Kinross is formed mainly of lowland excepting for the Ochil Hills, containing the county’s highest point: Innerdouny Hill, which is 497 m (1,631 ft). Much of the land is fertile, and not densely populated. The climate in Kinross is typically cool and cloudy, and the winters are long and harsh. Rainfall is at an average of 30% and sunshine hours averaging at 17.5 daily during the summer. Due to the fertile nature of the land, allotments, flower-planting clubs, and gardening groups are rife across Kinross, ideal for homeowners who do not have gardens in Kinross. 

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