About this county

Suffolk is one of the East Anglian counties, with historic origin. The eastern boarder runs along the coast of the North Sea, where Felixstowe – one of the largest container ports in Europe – is located. The coastal strip also contains an area of heathland, which forms part of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. However, the coastline is eroding rapidly due to the walk geology of the region – primarily sand and clay. Several cliff-top houses have been lost to coastal erosion, and defence of the coastline’s structural integrity is an ongoing problem. The west of the county encompasses hilly areas with chalk bedrock, whilst the rest of the region is mostly low-lying, arable land. In the north lies the wetlands of The Broads.

The climate in Suffolk is temperate, with average highs of 14.5°C and average lows of 6°C. The region is typically dry, and both rainfall and sunshine hours are even throughout the year, though the latter increases slightly during the summer. Homeowners in Suffolk should therefore give their lawns and gardens a little extra watering during the summer period. 


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