UK Lawn Care Watering tool

How much does it cost to water my lawn?

The grass in your lawn is a plant, just like those in your pots, borders and hanging baskets, and it needs a good supply of water to keep it healthy. In the UK, we are typically ‘blessed’ with a fairly rainy climate, though, recent hotter and dryer spells have left our gardens in need of more frequent watering. During dry periods, the UK Lawn Care Association recommends watering your lawn to saturation level (approx 25mm or 1/4″ of water), once a week. 

You may be concerned that watering your lawn is costly, however, in our experience many households are often surprised with how little it can cost them on their water meters. We have developed the watering tool calculator below to give you an indication of how much watering your lawn is likely to cost you. 

Please note, do not water your lawn in the event of a hosepipe ban. 

*2018-2019 rate. Please note rates are subject to change. This tool is to be used for indicative purposes only.
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