When to Scarify

When it comes to caring for your lawn there are a number of avenues you can explore with the help of a lawn care professional as well as on your own accord. Scarification is one of those methods conducted by most lawn care professionals, and the results it can provide can truly transform your lawn. However, when is the best time of year to have it done? We explore the very question in this article.

What Is Scarification?

Lawn scarification is one of the important lawn care methods utilised today. Having a direct link to helping the effectiveness of other treatments, scarification is vital for a healthy lawn.

The process of scarification is simple and is used to remove matter such as thatch or moss from the base of the grass plants. Usually completed with a mechanical lawn scarifier, it is a great procedure that involves not destroying healthy grass.

Why Is Scarification Important?

Scarification is necessary when the thatch on your lawn has built up and begins to damage the grass. Some feel that thatch is great to protect your grass, but in actual fact,  it is the complete opposite. Thatch can block the grass from getting the light, water and other nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy. Therefore the process of scarification is needed just for the look, but for the health of your lawn.

When Is The Best Time To Have It Done?

Deciding when to use specific lawn treatments throughout the year is important for overall success, but also to ensure the desired effect is achieved. With scarification this is no different, so below you will see the times to avoid and when you should seek the advice of a lawn care specialist.

Stop In The Winter

One time of year that is definitely not recommended is in the winter. The winter with its drop in temperature and various other occurrences can have a negative effect on your lawn. With these negative effects, you will find the growth of the grass is reduced, but also harder conditions make it tough to use specific tools.

Autumn For Heavy Scarifying

If you find that your lawn has gotten a little bit out of hand to worse for wear, you may find it best to have some heavy scarification carried out on your lawn to get it back to its best. Heavy scarification goes beyond small amounts of thatch removal.

Spring For Light Scarification

Light scarification is perfect for those focusing on their lawn care in April, as the weather begins to get warmer. During this time grass growth is usually at its optimum, so ensuring that you are proactively doing what you can to enhance its growth is a must.

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