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What We Do

A Collective Voice

A need for the Association has never been greater; as individuals we are powerless but as a group we can be recognised.

Brexit, Covid-19 pandemic, a changing financial climate, increasing restrictions on the professional products are all challenges for the lawn care sector.

The UKLCA is the community to exchange ideas and experiences to help you grow you and your business, this is complemented by a proactive working relationship and membership of the Amenity Forum

Our objectives are simple:

  • Support and help professional independent lawn care companies throughout the UK
  • Invest in SEO to promote members to home owners looking for an independent service provider
  • Operate the association as a not for profit organisation

We are not for profit

As a not for profit organisation, the association is managed by an elected committee.  They are all volunteers and like you run their own independent lawn care operations. They give their time and experience for the benefit of our members.

The funds you put into the UKLCA are invested to benefit your business.


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