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Why Join UKLCA?

Why The UKLCA?

You may be a start up or an established multi van business, but you are a business that has turned its back on the franchise option.

We hold regular events for training and networking.  Working closely with the Amenity Forum ensures that the independent lawn care sector has a voice.

We are confident that membership of the Association will add value to your business. Our members offer many different services and use a wide range of products and techniques and regularly share best practice and learnings accelerating rating your business growth.

Twelve reasons to join the UKLCA

  1. Whether just starting up, an established one man business or a multi-van operation, the membership and sponsors have considerable lawn care experience and knowledge to help grow and support your business. Our network group is a great way to ask questions and share techniques.
  2. We invest in SEO helping homeowners looking for an independent lawn solution find you.
  3. Take your business to a new level and set it apart from competitors. Your membership is a valuable marketing tool, display the UKLCA ‘Member’ and Amenity Standard logo marks of quality within our industry.
  4. We are stronger together. We are founder members of the Amenity Forum Lawn Care Group, an industry group that looks at issues in the growing lawn care sector. We represent the independent sector.
  5. Events and learning. Take part in an increasing range of events: Our two day conference, webinar programmes, experience days, shared learning groups to grow your knowledge and develop your staff.
  6. We understand UK lawn operations issues. Our events are built around building knowledge and confidence about technical, business, marketing and Industry issues. Our events and benchmarking data provide excellent opportunities to grow your business.
  7. Professional workshops covering health & safety, risk assessments and first aid, tailored to the needs of a lawn care business.
  8. Why not utilise our free health and safety help line. Benefit from our retained Health and Safety specialist.
  9. Industry leading sponsors who recognise the importance of the UKLCA’s mission, providing their support and expertise of the lawn care industry.
  10. Financial savings with member only offers and discounts on lawn care machinery, products, services and training.
  11. Stay updated on essential industry information. Lead the way with best practice techniques and benefit from our Amenity Forum membership, the Amenity Standard and BASIS Lawn Assured accreditation.
  12. A not for profit organisation, ran by an elected committee, for the benefit of our members. The funds you put into the UKLCA are invested to benefit your business.

Member support

The UKLCA is for independently run lawn care specialists.

We have created a friendly community in which independent lawn care providers can share knowledge and experiences.

We supply members with vital information, practical advice and great ideas to help members grow and prosper.

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