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Posted 19th Jun 2017 11:35am by Simon Johnson

Not wishing to state the obvious……but your lawn will only look at it’s best if you give it some help by way of H2O!  Yes, wait till dusk comes and dowse areas thoroughly for as long as you can.  It does impact the water bill true, but it complements what you invest in the lawn by way…Read the full article…

Cometh the rain, cometh the ants!

Posted 19th May 2017 11:00am by Simon Johnson

This county (Cambs) saw 40mm of rain on May the 17th and the earth sucked it all up; but anyone mowing the following day will probably have seen surface ant activity.  Since the insecticide chlorpyrifos is no longer permitted, all we can do is use an off-the-shelf product to treat them.  As you can tell from the…Read the full article…

Watering Your Lawns

Posted 11th May 2017 11:51am by Matt Crane

The 2016/17 UK winter, in general, has been really dry.  Although there was good growth potential in March, growth slowed in April due to those Northerly winds and even the first half of May looks unseasonably dry. We do suggest you begin weekly watering now; it may cost a few pounds but it’s a good investment…Read the full article…


Posted 15th Feb 2017 14:30pm by Simon Johnson

Spring beckons and this is the time to turn your attention to the garden; give the borders a good thinning out so new growth can breathe and develop as the days get longer. Likewise with lawns; hopefully you won’t have too much moss or it has already been treated with a liquid iron solution to…Read the full article…

A record December, with the combination…

Posted 18th Jan 2016 10:24am by Simon Johnson

… of rainfall, higher than average temperatures and enough light extended the grass growing season to a record high in 2015!  The growth potential for this December was 12 on the GDD scale, which compares with 4 for the previous year and it’s not only grass that’s confused, there are buds on trees, shrubs are active, Hellebores…Read the full article…

Japanese Knotweed – Know the Law

Posted 3rd Nov 2014 17:20pm by Simon Johnson

Japanese Knotweed can cost you £2,500! The Times carried a story this week warning homeowners to clean up their act when it comes to Japanese Knotweed! This invasive plant can cause serious damage even to concrete infrastructures including foundations, brick work, roads, forestry, agriculture and river banks and the Home Office state the maximum fine…Read the full article…

Weather Blog – Predicts !

Posted 9th Dec 2013 16:15pm by Simon Johnson

Are you interested in predicting the weather?  Mark Hunt of agronomic supplier Headland Amenity keeps a sharp eye on the jetstream and predicts weather up to but no further than 10 days in advance; Mark believes that any predictions beyond 10 days is speculation! Click here to take  a look at Mark’s weather blog.

Moss, glorious Moss!

Posted 14th Nov 2013 12:50pm by Simon Johnson

About Moss There are over 12,000 species of moss and algae, of which over 50 species are found to affect grass. Mosses are primitive non-flowering plants that have no root structure and rely on a sufficient moisture environment being present for reproduction and survival. The majority of them are tolerant of acidic conditions and are…Read the full article…

November Lawn Care Tips

Posted 14th Oct 2013 14:18pm by Simon Johnson

Aeration Soil compaction is a frequent cause of turf deterioration and moss invasion.  For optimal effectiveness the lawn needs aerating in autumn/winter.  Fallen Leaves Leaves should be cleared away as they fall.  If left for more than a few days, then grass may become damaged. Compost the leaves and then use on borders etc.  Worm…Read the full article…

Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Posted 9th Sep 2013 16:26pm by Simon Johnson

OCTOBER LAWN CARE Following the summer, which has been a dry one, lawns need a feed with a fertiliser high in Phosphate and Potassium with additional Iron for that dark green look.  Soil compaction is a frequent cause of turf deterioration and moss invasion so we recommend aerating in Autumn/Winter; over sow with seed to…Read the full article…

Using Pesticides

Posted 8th Jul 2013 16:47pm by Simon Johnson

CPA leaflet The Crop Protection Association advisory document on best practice for using pesticides.

Using Pesticides

Posted 13th Jun 2013 09:26am by Matt Crane

CPA leaflet The Crop Protection Association advisory document on best practice for using pesticides.

Spring is Just Around the Corner

Posted 18th Mar 2013 17:48pm by Simon Johnson

That would be right after the 80% chance of snow forecast for Thursday the 21st March…..no little irony that this is the start of the Spring Equinox!!  Snow snow go away, come again another season.

Snow and Lawn Diseases

Posted 25th Jan 2013 10:56am by Simon Johnson

  Watch out for Disease in your lawn when the snow melts !! Fusarium Patch This is a cool weather disease and enjoys persistent drizzle, foggy, misty and damp conditions. Symptoms appear as small, circular, yellow patches often with a white mould around the outside, which spread up to about 30cm in diameter.  Once established,…Read the full article…

Wettest April in 100 Years!

Posted 1st May 2012 15:10pm by Simon Johnson

All that fertiliser applied in March will have helped from April’s rain, but have our lawns had enough for now? How is it in your region?

Action to prevent drought

Posted 29th Apr 2010 16:01pm by Simon Johnson

With all the talk of a warm dry summer ahead we need to act to prevent the effects of drought on our lawns.

Lawncare in Spring

Posted 29th Apr 2010 14:16pm by Simon Johnson

– Aeration
– Feeding
– Weed control
– Regular mowing

Now is the time to get you lawn back in shape so you can enjoy the long hot summer days to come, we hope!
If your lawn is looking in poor health don’t despair its surprising how quickly it can respond to some attention.

Your lawn care experiences

Posted 12th Apr 2010 12:36pm by Simon Johnson

We are committed to raising the standards of lawn care services available in the UK. If you have a lawn care experience (good or bad) that you want to share with us then tell us your story by emailing us or completing our enquiry form.

Mowing your lawn

Posted 23rd Feb 2009 08:07am by Richard

With the weather finally turning after a long period of snow and frozen lawns we will soon see soil tempratures starting to rise and the grass starting to grow. The following mowing regime provides a guide to mowing your lawn throughout the year but if you don’t have the time to mow as frequently as suggested it is important that when you do mow you get the blade height correct. Do not cut too low!

What to do with a compacted lawn

Posted 20th Feb 2009 13:07pm by Richard

The problem starts when particles of soil in the top 4 inches are compressed, reducing pore space between them and impeding the movement of air, water and nutrients through the soil profile. This in turn leads to poor grass growth, weed invasion and moss colonisation.

Generally all lawns are compacted, as you can imagine, they’re walked on, rolled, and played on. All this contributes to consolidation then the solution is simple: Aerate. This is the practice of physically punching holes in the surface 4-6 inches deep.