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Women In Lawn Care


Welcome to the Women in Lawn Care (WILC) page, WILC is a working group within the UK Lawn Care Association (UKLCA). Our aim is to revolutionise the representation of women in the lawn care sector. Committed to fostering inclusivity and equality, our mission is to confront the prevalent under-representation of women in this industry head-on.

Driving change in the lawn care industry

We are proactively driving changes through various projects. Central to our efforts is utilising the annual UKLCA benchmarking survey to research and understand the numbers of women currently involved in lawn care. By collecting and analysing data, we aim to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Addressing challenges faced by women

Additionally, we are focused on addressing specific challenges faced by women in the field, such as workwear tailored to their needs. Our group is dedicated to enhancing the representation of women across all levels of lawn care, including technicians and administrators.

Representing women in lawn care

We are passionate about attracting more women to the lawn care sector and hope to actively engage in outreach programs. Collaborating with other UK 'women in turf' events, we aim to showcase the rewarding opportunities available in this industry and encourage participation.

Come and join us!

We invite you to join us in our journey to create a more diverse, inclusive, and empowered lawn care community. What are your experiences of women, or of being a woman in lawn care? How can we encourage more women into the professional lawn care industry?

We would love to have thoughts and ideas from everyone, we welcome you to our group regardless of gender. Together, we can break barriers and cultivate a thriving environment where everyone can flourish in lawn care.

Women in Lawn Care - UKLCA Conference 2024


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