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Cheshire is a significant county historically, with Chester – its county seat – having been a Roman fort in the first century AD. It is a mostly rural and agricultural region and contains two portions of Greenbelt – the North Cheshire Greenbelt and South Cheshire Greenbelt. 

Due to deposits of sandstones, clay, salt and coal, the area has seen much quarrying and mining over the centuries. This has led to the formation of the Cheshire Meres, a series of kettle-holes. Many peat deposits have accumulated in the kettle-holes, including within Delamere Forest, making the land extremely fertile.

The climate in Cheshire is mixed, though it rarely sees extreme weather. Rainfall on average falls fairly evenly throughout the year, with November being the wettest month and July the driest. The autumn and spring months see average temperatures of 7 to 18°C, winter 7-8°C, and summer between 18°C and 22°C. May to September is therefore the ideal gardening period for gardens in Cheshire. 

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