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Essex, one of the home counties, is situate in southeast England, northeast of London. Chelmsford, the only city in the county, is the county town. Surprisingly, Essex has the longest coast of any county due to the three large estuaries within it: between the Stour and the Colne; the Blackwater and the Crouch; the Crouch and the Thames.

In geological terms, Essex is young. It contains a combination of chalk, Red Crag, volcanic ash, and clay. The county has larges sections of greenbelt land, including Epping Forest. The majority of the land is used for agriculture. 

Essex is the driest county in England. The county has a temperate maritime climate, with average highs of 14°C and average lows of 6°C. October is typically the wettest months. The spring and summer provide ample opportunity for propagation, with temperatures averaging at 17°C. Due to the limited rainfall, gardens will need regular watering to allow plants and lawns to flourish.

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