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Based in southwest England, Gloucestershire is a historic county. The county town, from which it gets its name, is Gloucester. It is one of the most fertile regions in the UK, being home to natural meadows in Cotswold Hills, the valley of the River Severn, and the Forest of Dean, the three distinct landscape areas. The Daffodil Way in the Leadon Valley is famed for its spring flowers and orchards.

The climate in Gloucestershire is temperate, with warm rather than hot summers. Average temperatures sit between 7-14°C. The winters are not particularly harsh.

Gardeners in Gloucestershire can enjoy peak growing season from spring. Fruit such as strawberries can be ready to harvest as early as June if planted early in spring, along with veg such as cucumbers and courgettes. Classic British cuisine, from beetroots to radishes and berries, can be harvested in July and August. 

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