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Greater London

Greater London

Greater London is a county in England which makes up the majority of the London region, and is commonly regarded as a city. It houses a large portion of the Metropolitan Greenbelt, which are statutory green areas including the city’s parks. This includes areas such as the North Downs, a ridge of chalk hills to the southeast. Greater London is one of the most populated cities in the world, and the largest urban area in the UK. 

Due to the high population rates in Greater London, outdoor gardening space is limited. Hanging baskets, rail baskets, and freestanding pots and troughs are usually a popular ‘garden terrace’ choice for flats and apartments in this area. 

The climate in London is variable. While average highs in summer are 22°C, in recent years the area has reported much higher temperatures. Sunshine hours are relatively low in London compared with other parts of the UK, but do of course increase in summer, peaking at 205 in July. The summer does however also see the least rain, so any homeowners in Greater London will need to ensure their gardens receive plenty of water during this period. 

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