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Norfolk is a county situated within East Anglia in England, with its eastern boundaries adjacent to the North Sea, and a large estuary known as The Wash forming the boundary to the northwest. The city of Norwich is the county town, and it is a popular retreat for the British Royals. 

The region comprises mostly lowland areas, including The Broads, a network of navigable rivers and lakes. Proposals to declare the area as a national park were overturned, as this would give more prevalence to conservation than navigation. However, there remain conservation efforts and as such it is treated much like a national park nonetheless. Much of the rest of the land is dominated by arable agriculture.

Being in the east, Norfolk is sheltered from most of the extreme weather coming from the Atlantic. The county has some of the lowest rainfall in the UK, at 466-641 mm (18-25 in) per year. Both the rates of sunshine and the temperatures are steading from May through to September, peaking to an average of 20°C. This makes propagation predictable and reliable, allowing homeowners in Norfolk to grow both sufficient lawns, and homegrown fruit and veg in their gardens. However, manual watering may be required at regular intervals. 

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