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Oxfordshire is located in South East England, and is a major education centre, being home to The University of Oxford. The region takes its name from the city of Oxford, the county town, and has existed since the 10th century. The county flower is the snake’s-head fritillary.

The region is home to three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty: the Cotswolds in the north, the chalk hills of North Wessex Downs in the south, and the wooded hills of the Chilterns in the southeast. One of Britain’s oldest roads, the Ridgeway Trail, also passes through the county, and other long-distance walks include the Oxfordshire Way and Macmillan Way. Oxfordshire is a relatively rural county, and is the least densely populated area in southeast England.

The climate in Oxfordshire is relatively mild, with sunshine hours peaking from May to August. Combined with steady rainfall during this period of roughly 40-50mm per month, Oxfordshire provides excellent conditions for propagation and reliable lawn growth for gardens in the region. 

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