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Rutland, the fourth smallest county in the UK, is a historic county located in the East Midlands of England. The county town is Rutland, and it is one of only two towns in the county, the second being Uppingham.

The region is dominated by a large manmade reservoir directly in the middle of the county, Rutland Water, which is an important nature reserve for a variety of wildfowl. The reservoir contains the Hambleton Peninsula, where the village of Upper Hambleton sits. Many of the older buildings in Rutland’s towns and villages are made from limestone and ironstone, quarried nearby, which gives the region its distinctive character. The Rutland Formation is the main source for the stone, which was created by displaced muds and sand carried down by rivers following glacial melts.

The climate in Rutland is mild, with average highs of 13°C. Sunshine hours peak from May to August, whilst rainfall is at its highest in May then remains steady over the summer until September. This makes fruit and veg propagation extremely easy in Rutland gardens. Homeowners in Rutland will also be able to take advantage of the ideal lawn-growing weather. 

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