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Staffordshire is located in the West Midlands of England. Stafford, from which the county receives its name, is the county town – though its largest settlement is Stoke-on-Trent. The county is mostly hilly, with upland and moorlands – the north of the county encompasses part of the Peak District, whilst the south is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, being home to Cannock Chase countryside. The highest village in Britain is located in this county – the village of Flash, standing at 1519 ft (463 m) above sea level.

The mid regions encompass low and undulating landscape, due to formations of coalfields. Throughout the entire county there are vast and important coalfields as well as iron ore deposits. The soil is primarily clayey and therefor agriculture is not highly developed in the region. 

Due to the nature of the soil, homeowners may find that a potted garden or plant beds best suit their requirements. Sunshine hours start to peak in April and remain high until the end of August, and rainfall also increases from June to August. Gardens in Staffordshire therefore benefit from the ideal combination of weather to propagate plants successfully. 

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