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Surrey is the 12th most populated county in the UK, located in South East England. Locally, Guildford is regarded as the county town. 

Being a wealthy region, the landscape is dominated by leisure, with a number of horse racing courses and golf courses in the area. Surrey has the highest proportion of woodlands than any other UK county area with 22.4% coverage. Box Hills forms part of the woodland, and contains the oldest untouched area of natural woodland in the UK.

 The North Downs, a chalk ridge, divides the county east to west. North of the Downs the land is mostly flat and forms part of the basin of the Thames, which is formed of clay and sand. The Surrey Hills, made of sandstone, lie to west, while the plain of Low Weald lies in the east and rises to the hilly High Weald in the southeast.

The climate in Surrey is warm, with highs of 24°C on average in the summer. Sunshine hours peak from May to August, whilst rainfall reduces during the summer after a brief peak in May. Lawns and gardens in Surrey therefore require extra watering during this period. 

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