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West Sussex

West Sussex

West Sussex is a home county in the south of England. Chichester, the county town, is the only city in the region, and the largest towns are Crawley, Worthing and Horsham.

The region has mixed geography, with both urban and rural spaces. Over half the county is protected countryside, and the English Channel lies to the south. The county is home to part of the Weald–Artois Anticline, a chalk ridge connecting the UK with France via the Channel. The region lies mostly upon chalk and sedimentary rock.

Due to its location on the southern coast, West Sussex is the sunniest county in the UK, with sunshine hours averaging at 1,902 per year, the highest sunshine occurring in July. The climate in West Sussex is mild, with average temperatures sitting at 11°C – whilst the region does gain high temperatures due to the sunshine, this is moderated by sea temperatures. The area often suffers from flooding, from a combination of heavy rainfall during the winter, and periods of lower-than-average rainfall at other times of the year. This unpredictable weather makes garden and lawn maintenance challenging for local homeowners. 

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