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Worcestershire is a historic county in the West Midlands of England – and the land of the infamous Worcester sauce.

Geographically, the area is dominated by volcanic rock formations, most notably The Malvern Hills, which run from the south of the county into Herefordshire. These hills are also an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The highest point in this range (and highest point of the county) is the Worcestershire Beacon, standing at 425m. The north of the county is home to various woodlands, including the Vale of Evesham. The rest of the county is made up of rolling hills and farmland. 

The climate in Worcestershire is mild, with average highs sitting at 14°C and lows at 8°C. Sunshine hours peak from May to August, whilst rainfall also peaks during this period. This makes gardening a treat in Worcester, as lawns benefit from a good combination of rain and sun to grow well. Propagation is also made much easier in these conditions. 

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