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Another historic county, Bedfordshire lies in the east of England. In the south, the county sits on a chalk ridge known as the Chiltern Hills. The remainder of the land is situated in the valley of the River Great Ouse, and is predominantly made up of clays, sandstone, and limestone. An escarpment (a steep ridge of rock) runs through Bedfordshire called The Greensand Ridge. 

Bedfordshire remains relatively dry, with higher rainfall in autumn and winter – though February is the driest month. The climate is typical of most areas in England, with lows of 1°C in the winter, and highs of 22°C in the summer. Despite its mixed sediment, any areas containing Cornbrash (a limestone containing broken fossil) is quite fertile – after all, it derives its name from its ability to grow corn!

Bedfordshire is one of the most densely populated counties in the country. As such, gardeners in areas such as Luton may find that hanging baskets, pots, and small free-standing beds offer a manageable and economical means of gardening in small spaces. 

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