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Greener Gardens
John Draper

Greener Gardens

Lawn Care

We are passionate about lawns, our experience of Nottinghams lawns, combined with our professional and meticulous approach, will enhance your lawns health and appearance so that the grass really can be greener!

Our service removes the stress, so you and your family can use the space safely to relax, play and entertain.

Our team have over 60 years lawn care experience creating Green Weed Free lawns in Nottingham.


Greener Gardens lawn treatment programme will provide 10 lawn treatments delivered over 5 visits which include 3 moss control and 2 weed control applications, Our service removes the stress, we take care of your lawn applying the correct nutrition and control moss and weeds during the changing seasons.Do you have problems with:

Weeds - our treatment controls of upto 80% of common weeds on the first weed application.

Poor grass colour - our professional feed applications deliver a deep green colour.

Watering - Our lawn feed doesn't need watering in after application.

Rapid growth - Our specialist feeds gently release nutrient and lasts 50% longer than DIY products.

Moss - See a difference in 24 hours.

Concerned about safety - Our products are safe for Children and Pets once dry,

Like any other plant, grass requires feeding at regular intervals throughout the year to achieve the optimum density, colour and texture associated with a truly beautiful lawn. At Greener Gardens we use only top quality products that are not available to the homeowner. All of our lawn professionals are National Proficiency Test Council certificated in the use of fertilisers and herbicides.Greener Gardens are BASIS LAWN ASSURED accredited

Step closer to a great looking lawn ...

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