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Dorset is found on England’s south coast, and its coastline is famous for its Jurassic , where many fossils and rock formations showing millions of years of geological history can be found. In fact, almost every known type of rock from through all prehistoric epochs can be found in Dorset. 

The diversity of its landscape is to its rich underlying geology, composed of a mixture of chalk, clay, mixed sand, and gravels. Much of the area is lowland, with arable fields and calcareous grassland formed as a result of limestone ridges, the latter of which is used for grazing sheep. However, the county also comprises heathland, forests, and rolling hills. Over half of Dorset’s land area sits within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

The climate in Dorset is generally mild, with the spring and summertime experiences lows of 13°C and highs of 22°C. Dorset is also one of the sun

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