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Dorset Lawn Care
Peter Brown

Dorset Lawn Care

Our carefully selected treatments will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs is essential in producing a healthy sward. To achieve this we select a programme of treatments designed to meet the requirements of your lawn.

Early Spring and Early Autumn

Establish the condition of the lawn to see if it would benefit from mechanical treatments.


A process which helps remove thatch (dead grass, weeds, organic matter) and moss from your lawn allowing the nutrients back into the soil.

Hollow Tine Aeration

An effective way of braking up thatch and moss by reducing soil compaction helping soil drainage producing new and healthier growth.


Balanced seasonal fertilizers to suit your particular soil type applied normally 3 times a year.

NEW for summer 2017 our granular fertilizer is a drought safe organic based feed.

Weed Control

Selective liquid herbicides applied at least once a year depending on the variety and amount.

Moss Control

Applied normally during autumn and winter at least once. It is fair to say in most cases moss is the lawns biggest problem and with the climate over recent years becoming milder and wetter these are conditions that moss thrives on.

Seeding, Overseeding, Drought Control and Top Dressing Services to further enhance your lawn

We are pleased to offer advice and service on other lawn problems and treatments such as: Diseases -Red Thread, Fusarium and Fairy Rings.

All our products are Child and Pet friendly.

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