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Nottinghamshire is located in in the East Midlands of England, and the county town, from which the region takes its name, is Nottingham. Nottinghamshire is home to in the infamous Sherwood Forest, the stomping ground of the legend that is Robin Hood.

The area sits on extensive coal rocks, which were mined along with iron ore deposits, until the 1980s. There is also an oilfield near Eakring, as well as layers of sandstones and limestones in the west, and clay in the east. Whilst the south and centre of the region is hilly with ancient oak woodland, the north of the county forms part of the Humberhead Levels lacustrine plain (an area which was previously a lakebed). 

Sheltered by the Pennines to the west, Nottinghamshire receives relatively low rainfall, averaging at 27 inches annually. The climate is temperate usually sitting at around 9°C. Sunshine hours vary throughout the year, but peak evenly from May through to August. This creates a consistent climate which is ideal for growing healthy lawns and propagating fruit or veg in gardens in Nottinghamshire.

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