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Taverham, Norfolk

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Will provides an excellent lawn service at a very competitive rate. As Holiday Cottage Owners communication and trust is vital as we have guests arriving and departing at regular intervals. Will fits in with our schedule, is extremely reliable, great at communicating and will change at short notice to suit our guests. Highly recommended
Jill Drew 2 weeks ago
Will's company have been taking care of our lawn for about 18 months now and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody who takes pride in their garden and lawn. Rather than mess around with trying to take care of it myself, I'm very happy to defer all actions to Will and his team to ensure that it is always in tip top condition. I cannot foresee any circumstances where this would change whilst we live in our home.
Kris Nelson 2 months ago
Can’t recommend highly enough. Will completely rescued my virtually dead lawn a couple of years ago and has kept it in good condition ever since. All I ever do now is mow it and trim the edges. He has the knowledge and equipment that I don’t have to keep it in great condition. He is always reliable, friendly and willing to go the extra mile. Good tone able to support an excellent local business. Sally
sally Brailsford 3 weeks ago
I have used Will’s Norfolk Lawns for over 2 years now. We decided we needed help after we had a particularly dry summer which seemed to destroy the grass but left the weeds thriving, leaving us with a very patchy lawn. Will discussed various options with us and worked out a plan to bring our lawn back to health, which he has achieved! Will’s communications are great- he always lets us know in advance what he will be doing and when and also sends helpful newsletters with general tips on lawn care, mowing, watering etc. I would highly recommend Will and his lawn care service.
Jude Robson 4 weeks ago
Well after seeing our lawns slowly become worn out over time and looking awful, we decided to have Will of Wills Norfolk Lawns completely remove the top surface and re seed both lawns, it was a big job, but the best decision we could have made, Both lawns are now looking in good order and passers by are commenting on how lush and green our lawns are looking now, Will has now started 2021 treatments so looking forward to seeing lawns continue to look great. Great service has been carried out by Will over the past few months, and would highly recommend him. Mr P Fakenham
Richard Pilgrim 3 weeks ago

About Wills Norfolk Lawns

Wills Norfolk Lawns was launched in 2018 with the vision of offering top-quality lawn care across Norfolk by using the knowledge, equipment and materials of the professional groundsman and applying it to domestic lawns. Wills Norfolk Lawns is an independent lawn treatment company set up by Will Dunger with a passion for creating and maintaining lawns of all shapes and sizes.

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