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Not happy with the health and appearance of your lawn? Frustrated with the results achieved when you use expensive lawn care products? Do you want an expert lawn care with the right experience in lawn care, lawn maintenance, and lawn treatments to survey your lawn and discuss a cost effective method of controlling weeds and moss and improving the health and appearance of your lawn?

If you need a specialist lawn care service we can help! Lawn and Weed Pro, based in Bedford, Bedfordshire, with its lawn care and lawn treatment services can rescue even the most neglected lawns, killing and controlling weeds and moss and the conditions that encourage them, including Japanese knotweed removal & control. Our Lawn Care Service is made simple, cheap, and easy if you use our lawn care services.

At Lawn and Weed Pro we provide specialist value for money lawn treatment services. We have been improving the health and appearance of various sized lawns in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northants for several years. Contact us for a free no obligation lawn survey now.

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