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Camberley, Surrey

About BZ Gardens

THERE\'s an old saying that gardening demands a lot of water and and most of it is perspiration. So if you love your garden, but can\'t cope with the growing pains BZ Gardens can take the hardship out of horticulture.

Barnabas Zengo, its founder, has 15 years of, hands-on, international experience in the gardening business (Curriculum Vitae) having worked in the United States, Finland, Austria, and Hungary before founding BZ Gardens in the UK where he was head gardener on a millionaire\'s 320-acre estate, planted mature trees for a former Government Minister, created and maintained the Director and Chief Executive\'s garden of the leading bank of Britain while also looking after the hanging baskets and postage-stamp plots of elderly pensioners. He has an expert knowledge of flowers and fruit as well as the hard and heavy work of landscaping and tree surgery.

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